Ecosystem Academy

The EcoScope Academy is the educational pillar of the project and includes a collection of online self-paced chapters (course tile: Ecocentric fisheries management) and a series of summer schools and training courses addressed to postgraduate and undergraduate students, young scientists and policy-makers. The knowledge created in the EcoScope Toolbox and EcoScope Platform, as well as the scientific output of the EcoScope project will be shared through capacity building in the EcoScope Academy, which will promote cross community education and knowledge sharing. The EcoScope Academy will be used for disseminating the methodological approach of EcoScope to all related stakeholders and for supporting the proper usage of the developed platform and decision-making toolbox.

The Ecocentric fisheries management online course will consist of 5-7 chapters with online presentations, online reading material and self-assessment questions. The first two chapters have been completed and uploaded, three are ongoing and the last two are pending.
Apart from the Ecocentric fisheries management online course, a training course (Big data analytics in marine science, Thessaloniki, Greece, May 2023) and a summer school (Oceanography and fisheries within the ecosystem, Kavala, Greece, September 2023) have already been offered to postgraduate and undergraduate students and early career scientists. Some more are being prepared for 2024.
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Course title: Ecocentric fisheries management

The plan is to have the following chapters included in the course but additional chapters may be added during the course of the project. The course structure is given in a table below and followed by a brief description of each chapter.
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